Fraunhofer-Institut für Algorithmen und Wissenschaftliches Rechnen SCAI

EnSight FSIPlugin

EnSight is one of the most widespread postprocessors for interactive visualization of simulation results. In teamwork with CEI, SCAI has integrated its multiphysics mapping capabilities as a plugin solution for the EnSight tool.

The effort made use of the Python programming interface and the open file format EnSight Gold. The user can use EnSight interactively to select the areas for data transfer, to define the coupling quantities and to specify the numerical mapping parameters. Finally, the user can view in parallel the distribution of values on the source model and the mapped quantities on the target.

All file formats that can be read by EnSight are supported by the EnSight FSIPlugin. Two different EnSight cases are needed for the mapping and are generated as intermediate EnSight Gold files. The mapping result is also written into a third EnSight Gold file.  Finally the mapped CFD values can be exported to Abaqus or Nastran formats for a subsequent structural analysis.