MpCCI Coupling Environment

The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment provides an application independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes. MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been accepted as a ‘de facto’ neutral standard for simulation code coupling and provides a multiphysics framework.

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The MpCCI FSIMapper provides advanced and robust interpolation methods to transfer loads and boundary conditions from CFD and EM simulations onto arbitrary meshes in FEA.

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MpCCI Mapper

The MpCCI Mapper provides advanced and robust methods to map, compare and transfer simulation results and experimental data in integrated simulation workflows. MpCCI Mapper supports a growing number of native file formats and can be used in a variety of crash and safety applications.

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MpCCI ArcLib

The MpCCI ArcLib is an application specific library for the modelling of electric arc phenomena. The MpCCI ArcLib can be used in coupled ANSYS Emag – MpCCI - ANSYS Fluent configurations.

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Application Areas

Fraunhofer SCAI’s business area Multiphysics offers research capabilities, software development and application modeling services to its customers and partners.


MpCCI 4.5 has been released

MpCCI 4.5 CouplingEnvironment

  • New Quasi-Newton Relaxation Method
  • FSI coupling with rotating parts modelled in different reference frames
  • MpCCI GUI for automatic region building
  • MpCCI Visualiser irmprovements
  • Dynamic sub-cycling with RadTHERM/TAITherm

MpCCI 4.5 FSIMapper

  • Enhanced processing of Fourier-transformed data
  • New Harmonic Wizard
  • Transient nodal forces from JMAG to MSC Nastran
  • Ls-Dyna for transient force excitation mapping applications