About us

Research and Development

Fraunhofer SCAI develops innovative methods in Computational Science and actively supports their take-up in industrial practice. The institute combines mathematical and computational knowledge with a focus on algorithms – bringing benefits to customers and partners.

Multiphysics simulations still is an open and active field of research with respect to numerical algorithms as well as modelling of the combined physical effects.

In the context of publicly funded projects and in cooperation with partners from industry and academia the business area Multiphysics does research on such open questions. The results and experiences from these projects will be integrated in MpCCI software and solutions for industry.

Recent Projects

  • Fraunhofer MAVO TurboKeramik (2012-2016) – Sustainable and efficient Energy Production using high-performance Ceramics in small Turbines
  • Fraunhofer 4D BoundlessCultures P.R.I.T. (2012-2014) – In-Vitro Toxicology
  • Fraunhofer WISA 3D Crash Analyse (2013-2016) – High-Performance 3D Measurement System for Validation of Experiment and Simulation in Crash Applications
  • BMBF SOFA (2010-2013) – Coupled Simulation and Optimisation for a robust virtual Vehicle Design
  • AIF UmCra2 (2011-2014) – Material Models and characteristic Parameters for Metal Forming and Crash-Simulation Models with Regard to Manufacturing History of high Strength Steels
  • FORTISSIMO Experiment 413 (2013-2014) – Multiphysics-Simulation in the Cloud
  • FORTISSIMO Experiment 602 (2015-2016) – Cloud-based design for the manufacturing and simulation of high-performance composite structures