OpenFOAM License Agreement

Acknowledgements relating to OpenFOAM

OpenFOAM is a free, open source software, produced by OpenCFD Ltd.  and is  licensed under the GNU General Public Licence.  (OpenFOAM v1.6 with GPL v2, OpenFOAM v1.7.x with GPL v3).

For the avoidance of doubt only, Fraunhofer disclaims any liability for OpenFOAM.

Licensing of OpenFOAM Adapter in the MpCCI CouplingEnvironment

The MpCCI 4.x adapter for OpenFOAM has been developed by Fraunhofer SCAI. Those parts of the OpenFOAM adapter which have integrated parts of the OpenFOAM code - and only those parts - will be provided as cost-free and open-source modules. You still need to purchase a license token to activate the OpenFOAM to MpCCI interface.

The MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter modules are distributed in source code. These sources need to be compiled at the end-user site. The compiled parts plus some additional binary software libraries from the MpCCI package have to be linked to the OpenFOAM versions.

Please note that the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter is an autonomous software package. It does not contain the MpCCI software which has to be licensed separately. Whereas the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter interacts with OpenFOAM, the coupling server in MpCCI CouplingEnvironment itself merely communicates via sockets with the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter.

Intellectual Property

While the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter is distributed under free open source software terms, Fraunhofer SCAI as the developer of the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter reserves all rights as contained in the GPL. 

MpCCI is a trademark of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. All rights to the MpCCI trademark and all IPRs of MpCCI software remain at Fraunhofer and are not affected by the license of the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter under the GNU General Public License.

MpCCI Adapter

This download contains the source code and scripts for the MpCCI-OpenFOAM adapter. The download package includes code-adapter sources, tutorial files and scripts. These parts have successfully been tested for the following platforms:

  • Linux
  • MacOS X
  • Windows 64 bit (we used our own Windows port here)

Pre-compiled binary versions for single platforms can be provided on request.