MpCCI Coupling Environment

The MpCCI CouplingEnvironment provides an application independent interface for the direct coupling of different simulation codes. MpCCI CouplingEnvironment has been accepted as a ‘de facto’ neutral standard for simulation code coupling and provides a multiphysics framework.

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The MpCCI FSIMapper provides advanced and robust interpolation methods to transfer loads and boundary conditions from CFD and EM simulations onto arbitrary meshes in FEA.

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MpCCI Mapper

The MpCCI Mapper provides advanced and robust methods to map, compare and transfer simulation results and experimental data in integrated simulation workflows. MpCCI Mapper supports a growing number of native file formats and can be used in a variety of crash and safety applications.

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MpCCI ArcLib

The MpCCI ArcLib is an application specific library for the modelling of electric arc phenomena. The MpCCI ArcLib can be used in coupled ANSYS Emag – MpCCI - ANSYS Fluent configurations.

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Application Areas

Fraunhofer SCAI’s business area Multiphysics offers research capabilities, software development and application modeling services to its customers and partners.


  • November 15-16, 2016 - European NAFEMS Conference on Multiphysics Simulation: This conference will be organised by NAFEMS in collaboration with Fraunhofer SCAI and the Multiphysics Society.
  • Fraunhofer SCAI-Booth "Multiphysics Simulation Interfaces and Software Solutions"
  • "Coupled Simulations of Electric Arcs for Switching Devices" by  P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)
  • "Simulation-Based Development of Lightning Protection Devices" by  M. Mürmann, R. Fuchs, H. Nordborg (HSR University of Applied Sciences, SUI)Simulation of Flow and Electro-Magnetic Induced Vibrations N. Wirth (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)
  • "Applications of MpCCI-Based Fluid/Structure Interactions Coupling to a Vibrational and a Rotational Blades" by  Y. Yang, W. Liou (Western Michigan University, USA); P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)
  • "Hydraulic Excavator Boom Stress Analysis and Crawler-Ground Interactions during Oil Sands Excavation" by  E. Gbadam, M. Wardeh, S. Frimpong (Missouri S&T, USA); J. Kleinert (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)
  • "Using Co-Simulation to Reduce the Calculation Time in Vehicle Dynamics" by  J. Kleinert, K. Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER); J. Christl (EDAG, GER)
  • "Bringing Systems Simulation and 3D Simulations together using FMI and MpCCi" by  J. Kleinert, K. Wolf (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER); R. Meyer, C. Clauß (Fraunhofer IIS, GER)
  • "A Co-Simulation Approach to Model the Thermal Behavior of Automotive Vehicles during Dynamic Driving Cycles" by  C. Brodbeck, P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI, GER)
  • "Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Racing Car Spoilers" by  B. Landvogt (Scapos, GER)
  • "Quasi-Newton Methods for Unstable Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction" by  M. Koch (University of Bonn, GER)
  • November 22-23, 2016 - SIMVEC 2016 Simulation und Erprobung in der Fahrzeugentwicklung:
  • Presentation by C. Brodbeck and P. Bayrasy (Fraunhofer SCAI)  "Co-Simulationsmethoden für das thermische Management von Gesamtfahrzeugen bei Betrachtung dynamischer Fahrzyklen"
  • Presentation by K. Raguse (VW), P. Lutzke (Fraunhofer IOF) and A.Oeckerath (Fraunhofer SCAI) on "Einsatz von Highspeed-Projektionsverfahren zur Bewegungs- und Deformationsanalyse von Sicherheitsversuchen"
  • Fraunhofer SCAI/IOF-Booth "Multiphysics Simulation Interfaces and Software Solutions - Airbag Demonstrator"