MpCCI - Interfaces for Co-Simulation and Mapping

The MpCCI interface software is a vendor neutral solution for co-simulation and file-based data transfer. MpCCI supports a growing number of commercial as well as research simulation tools in different engineering disciplines.

The MpCCI software is offered as a licensed product and distributed by scapos AG.

  • MpCCI CouplingEnvironment – bi-directional coupling of simulation codes
  • MpCCI FSIMapper – mapping of fluid results into following structural analysis applications
  • MpCCI Mapper – transfer of manufacturing history in metal forming applications
  • MpCCI ArcLib – model library for electric arc simulations using ANSYS Emag and ANSYS Fluent

Software Release

MpCCI 4.4 (2015)

  • CouplingEnvironment: cyclic symmetric periodic models / preselected coupling schemes
  • FSIMapper: FFT and complex pressure fields / cyclic symmetric periodic models Infolytica Magnet and Numeca FINETurbo support
  • Mapper: extended alignment options / enhanced support for Indeed, Radioss and Ansys

MpCCI 4.3 (2014)

  • CouplingEnvironment: iterative transient FSI
  • FSIMapper: full support for unit system conversion
  • Mapper: volume to shell mapping / STL-format / OpenMP version